Candice D



So I was looking for a place to get Willy groomed and Canterbury Tails Pet Resort came up and only five minutes away. So I go in and set up his appointment and I can tell they have doggy daycare— so I ask about it.. they tell me the first day is FREE! So this morning I drop Iggy and Willy off and they were terrified… like I walked away and they tried chasing after me.. so on my break at work I was “that” dog parent who called to make sure they were okay 😂 was told they were doing great, they warmed up to the staff and other dogs, AND they were very well behaved 😳 THEN when I actually get there to pick them up, they were super excited to see me but THEN someone walked in the door and Iggy ran right up to them!! She is a very anxious dog and is a Momma’s girl— she struggled with new people in the past! Doggy Day Care was a success!! Thank you to the staff who saw that the dogs and I were nervous at first and they made sure we were all comforted that everything was going to be okay!! Now they are both sleeping and snoring— long day for the doggos but a good day!! Canterbury Tails Pet Care Center

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