Katie J.


Wow! All I can say is wow. The service here is absolutely AMAZING. We came in for a tour and then boarded our pooches three days later. The girl (Im am sorry I am terrible with names) was so excited to show us around, even when the women receptionist told us we came a half hour before closing (whoops). This kennel was extraordinarily clean, they clean they’re kennels in between dogs, and she assured me that dogs never go in dirty or use kennels. Not to mention, the dogs are hardly in they’re kennels! The all get plenty of run-around time! She told me that dogs go out around six times per day! My babies don’t even go out that much at home! Not one kennel had any trace of urine of fesses. and all of the dogs looked like they were ready to go to bed, after a hard day of playing! During our tour, the gal was happy to answer any of my questions and concerns. Congratulations Canterbury Tails Pet Care Center! You have completely impressed me! Would definitely recommend to at least tour this kennel. Best in Green Bay, I would say.

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